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Tower Defense

In pursuit of taking my Unreal Engine skills to the next level I wanted to learn more about Blueprint and how to create Object oriented archetypes.

I built this game so all Towers would inherit from the same parent tower class while all enemies inherit from the Enemy base class.

This game uses Data Driven Gameplay to control most design variables of the game. All Tower-, Enemy- and Wave parameters can easily be balanced simply by updating and re-importing an Excel spreadsheet.

I really like the flexibility of this data driven approach. Saves me a lot of time!


Each wave, or level, is defined with a few parameters. This makes the levels really easy to tweak and extend.


Tower data is exposed in the spreadsheet where all tower parameters are tweakable.


To make the game more tactical and challenging, it supports five different Armor and Damage types that have different Strengths and Weaknesses according to the spreadsheet defined matrix:

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