Gamejam Unreal engine

Gamejam: Divinely Divided

Divinely Divided is a GameJam submission for GameJolt GDC Jam #gjgdcjam.

Following the theme “Nuovo”. Made with Unreal Engine in February 2016. 
Together with Mikkel, we created this game over three days from Friday through Sunday. Most challenging with this game jam was in my opinion the theme.

“Nuovo” games are defined as innovative, abstract and unconventional games that are short in duration.

It’s the end of the world! Make sure the vegetables, herbivores, carnivores and people are safely stored on the ark and be sure not to let any unwanted passengers on.

I did Game design, UI, Physics, Programming using Blueprints & VFX.

Mikkel did Game design, Visual design, Modelling, Sound, Rigging & Animation.

Gamejam Unreal engine

Gamejam: Breakin!

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine Game Jam December 2014 submission following the theme “What’s in the box?”.

I did everything myself over a Friday-Sunday weekend. All game logic made with Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4.

Conceptual image 2014-12-12  (Swedish)