Showreel 2012

The work I produced while working my first Realtime VFX job at Eurocom Developments Ltd. I used their own proprietary engines EuroLand 2 and Euroland 4.

During this time I got the chance to work on the following games:

  • Goldeneye 007
    • I worked on environment destruction, scripted events and cutscenes. This game was released on the Wii and was my first Video game credit!
  • Disney Universe
    • Defined the cartoony look of the core effects in the game such as fire, explosions and smoke. I also worked on destruction, scripted events and cutscenes. There were a lot of destructible objects in this game which I manually shattered and then baked the destruction simulation to use in the game.
  • Rio: The Game
    • As a party game, I worked on a wide variety of gameplay effects such as interactive objects and pickups to name a few. I also did a lot of work on victory fanfare screens.
  • Goldeneye 007: Reloaded
    • This is the Xbox360 and PS3 version of the Wii release which got itself a face lift by swapping engine. We didn’t have a good VFX converter of the Wii effects so we ended up re-making all the effects.

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